The Latest DJI Phantom 3 Sets a High Bar for Their Newest Aerial Camera Drone

At long last, the highly anticipated Phantom 3 drones from DJI have been released. The Phantom 3 comes in two different models, Professional and Advanced, and both allow professional footage to be shot from an aerial perspective. Both models are feature-rich and intuitive to use, empowering you to create stories and shape a directorial vision like never before. (Both of them are available on Amazon right now. Purchases support the site.)

dji phantom aerial view

Unparalleled Aerial Image Quality

The visual quality you will receive with both the Professional and Advanced models are stunning to say the least. Both cameras are 12.0 megapixels when it comes to photos, so the big distinction between the two lies in their capability to shoot at the highest resolutions. The Phantom 3 Professional shoots in mind-blowing 4k for the ultimate visual fidelity. On the other hand, the Advanced model shoots in 1080p. As such, it makes sense to choose the model that fits your resolution needs.

One other key distinction to keep in mind is that the Advanced 1080p model shoots at 60 fps (frames per second). The Professional model, on the other hand, shoots at 30 fps, so the Advanced model might be the best choice for those that demand the smoothest video possible. No matter which model you choose, however, it is likely that you have never seen crisper and sharper visuals from an aerial camera thanks to the lens used and the stability of the camera.

Both models use a state of the art lens that practically eliminates lens distortion while delivering bright images and accurate colors. Choosing either model means you don’t have to sacrifice image quality. Even better, each model is equipped with DJI’s industry-leading gimbal stabilization technology. This means that wherever you fly your aerial camera, the image is going to remain stable, pristine and smooth.

Safe flights

While great video quality is one of the most important aspects of an aerial camera, arguably safety is even more important. Fortunately, the Phantom 3 delivers on this front as well. Both models offer a handy Beginner Mode that makes it easy to learn how to handle the Phantom 3, and you can even set limits on how far the camera can travel. This is all accomplished by GPS that helps you fence in the camera while learning how to use it.

dji internal drone

The Phantom 3’s Ease of Use Speaks for Itself

The Phantom 3 models are also extremely easy to use and intuitive. There is no need to worry about takeoff or landing since the controls are easy and the camera handles like a dream in the air. The camera responds accurately to all commands and even automatically adjusts and handles the most complicated aspects of flight, ensuring that you can get the great images and video you need.  Examples of some of the automatic flight features include auto-takeoff, auto-landing and an automatic failsafe that returns the camera to its takeoff destination when the battery runs low.

Stay Mobile with The Longest Range Drone

One of the coolest features of the Phantom 3 is the mobile app that can be used with it. With an aerial camera like this, you probably will want to take it to exotic locations, which is why having an app that travels with you is so helpful. You can control the camera and change the flight settings all from the mobile device you use, and you can also take advantage of an automatic video editor that pieces together the best footage in mere seconds. We’ll have a full review of the DJI Phantom 3 where we put the range to the test in both city and open environments.

On top of that, you can livestream flights to YouTube while the app’s live map tracks your Phantom the whole time.  When your camera is on the move you need to stay with it, and the Phantom 3’s mobile app lets you do just that.

dji phantom 3 review

Take to the Skies with the Feature-Packed DJI

Take your film aspirations to the skies with the DJI Phantom 3 drones, and the sky truly is the limit for your film making vision. With all of the features included in both models, flying one of these and filming incredible vistas will be a pure joy, which is why I can’t wait to get my hands on the DJI Phantom 3 very soon.